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Have you ever been curious to know if anyone from the early years of history may have been on the autism spectrum? How about some of today’s most famous people? I’ve been honored as a professional speaker to be featured on many lists with autism advocates such as Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore for our work advocating for the autism community. All 3 of us among many self-advocates were diagnosed with autism at a very early age. Here are 10 famous people who have been rumored to be on the autism spectrum without ever getting an official diagnosis…

Albert Einstein

One of the most gifted minds in our history, Einstein has often been rumored to have an autism spectrum disorder. BBC News reported that researchers at Cambridge and Oxford universities believe that the scientist displayed signs of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, two of the biggest tech mobiles in the world have shown to have high IQ’s but difficulties at times with social interaction. Dr. Temple Grandin told Inc.com, “I think Steve Jobs was probably on the spectrum; Einstein definitely would be today. You can go online and look at the interviews of the heads of Silicon Valley companies. The major big companies. And you can see it.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Tim Burton

Tim Burton, famous for directing films such as Edward Scissorhands has been rumored to have Asperger syndrome. His diagnosis was first speculated by his wife, actress Helena Bonham Carter who was looking over a role in relationship to autism.

Bob Dylan

Thomas Jefferson

Andy Warhol

The Guardian once wrote an article called “Was autism the secret of Warhol’s art?” that breaks down the possibility of him having an autism diagnosis. Judith Gould, director of Eliot House, told The Guardian, ‘It is fascinating how many of the things he did are typical of autism. I would say, from the study I have seen, that Warhol almost certainly had Asperger syndrome.”

Nikola Tesla

Steven Spielberg

The Examiner speculated legendary director Steven Spielberg having an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They discussed how, based on his upbringing, that he was not very sociable but had key fascinations in certain hobbies and interests, such as films.

Today 1 in 59 individuals are diagnosed with autism in the United States. If you liked this list you may also like…

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