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During my time as a disability advocate and professional speaker on the autism spectrum I’ve come up with several quotes including “Autism can’t define me. I define autism.” & “Autism doesn’t come with an instruction guide. It comes with a family who will never give up.”

With that, I’ve always been inspired by some of the quotes from autism advocate Temple Grandin. Here are 10 I wish everyone knew…

“The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things.” – Temple Grandin

-The most important thing people did for

“It is never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum.” – Temple Grandin

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” – Temple Grandin

I can't emphasize

“Different, not less.” ~ Temple Grandin

“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.” ~ Temple Grandin

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“The world needs all kinds of minds.” ~ Temple Grandin

“Autism is an important part of who I am, and I wouldn’t want to change it, because I LIKE the way I think.” ~ Temple Grandin

“Autism is an important part of who I

“To some, the world is a strange and new place. At one point, it was new to us all. We all had to learn. Look for what the child with autism excels in.” ~ Temple Grandin

“Interests and talents can turn into careers.” ~ Temple Grandin

“You need to stretch kids with autism slightly outside their comfort zones, but never have surprises.” ~ Temple Grandin

What’s your favorite Temple Grandin quote? Tell us in the comments!

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)

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