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Many celebrities have come out in the past few years not only about having children on the spectrum but also siblings too. Here are 5 celebs you may have not known who have a sibling on the spectrum…

Nick Lachey (Member of 98 Degrees)

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Nick who rose to fame with the boy band 98 degrees in the 90’s and today is still well known as a singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and television personality! Nick also has been younger brother is on the autism spectrum. To help with the cause Nick Lachey was Autism Speaks 2014 Lindt spokesperson to support people like his brother. You can read more here.

Jordan Spieth (PGA Golfer and Masters Winner)

One of the rising stars in golf today, Jordan after his first Masters win embraced with his younger sister who is on the autism spectrum. You can read more here.

Jacquelyn Jablonski (Victoria Secret Model)

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Jacquelyn has become an ambassador for Autism Speaks and is known for hosting and participating in several awareness events to help with the cause. You can read more here.

Nikki Reed (Actress)

Well known for her breakout role in the Twilight movies, Nikki came out about having a brother on the autism spectrum to People.com. Nikki was Autism Speaks 2015 Lindt spokesperson to help with the cause. You can read more here.

Branford and Wynton Marsalis (famous musicians)


In the early 1980’s Branford, a saxophonist and Wynton Marsalis, a trumpeter made waves in Jazz music with songs such as “Swinging at the Haven” and “The Surrey with the Fringe On Top.” They also have a brother on the autism spectrum who you can learn more via this blog here.

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Know of any other celebrities with siblings on the spectrum? Share them with us in the comments!

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