Inspired by her book “Thinking in Pictures,” HBO Films 2010 hit biopic “Temple Grandin” helped catapult Dr. Grandin to one of the most recognized autism advocates in the world.

The film after it’s release on February 6, 2010 went on to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Film while Claire Danes won an Emmy and Golden Globe for her portrayal of Dr. Grandin.

5 years have now past since the film came out and it has still had a huge impact on how we look at autism in our community. For one, it brought more awareness to the fact that girls can also be on the autism spectrum (many still depict autism as a boy disorder). On the other side, it also showed how some people who have autism have amazingly abilities.

I would strongly recommend everyone in our autism community to watch the film if you haven’t already here.

Today, I work with our entertainment industry to help bring a realistic portrayal of autism to both television and film! Need help on your next project? Contact me here to see how we may be able to collaborate!

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