April is Autism Awareness Month (I prefer calling it World Autism Month though)! Over the years there have been countless stories of amazing autism advocates who also happen to be on the autism spectrum. Here are some of my favorites below. Many of them have become dear friends of mine and are shining a light on our community! The importance of this list along with acknowledging them for their efforts is to make sure that their voices are heard in our communities not only in April but all year round. Their stories deserve to be shared with the masses.

You see what many don’t know about me is that I was actually diagnosed with autism at 4. Today I have overcome many of my obstacles thanks to intensive occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Today I have 4 jobs as an professional speaker, best-selling author, non-profit founder, TV talk show host and autism film consultant! I would love to speak in your area to your schools, businesses, parent groups, professional development meetings, etc to help spread inclusion and education in our communities. You can contact me anytime here for more details.

Want to learn more about these advocates? Simply click on one of their names below. (The list below is in no specific order)

  1. Temple Grandin

  1. Stephen Shore

  1. Dena Gassner
  1. Anita Lesko
  1. Valerie Paradiz
  1. Anthony Ianni
  1. Jodi DiPiazza

  1. Erin Clemens
  1. Amy Gravino
  1. Dani Bowman
  1. Rachel Barcellona
  1. Phil Martin
  1. Dan Aykroyd

  1. Daryl Hannah
  1. Susan Boyle
  1. Dallas Manning
  1. John Elder Robison

  1. Ann Kagarise
  1. Taylor Orns
  1. Amber Black
  1. Paul Silver
  1. Alexis Wineman

  1. Ron Sandison
  1. Rebekah McClelland
  1. David Powell
  1. Paul Morris
  1. Laque Youngblood
  1. Lamar Hardwick

  1. Anthony Cancel
  1. Michael McCreary
  1. Jadyn Waiser
  1. Satoshi Tajiri, (Creator of Pokemon)
  1. Joshua Dushack
  1. Louis Scarantino
  1. Jason McElwain

  1. Matt Savage
  1. Haley Moss
  1. Scott Lentine
  1. Alex Plank
  1. Kenneth Kelty
  1. Malcom Harris-Gowdie

  1. Marshall Gordeuk
  1. Clay Marzo
  1. Eric Kirschner
  1. Andrew Greenspan
  1. Carly Fleischmann

  1. Michael Korins
  1. Lindsey Nebeker
  1. Arman Khodaei
  1. Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Truly love that my career is taking off.

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  1. Gerald Franklin
  1. Jesse Saperstein
  1. Candy Waters
  1. Grant Manier
  1. Lydia Wayman
  1. Justin Canha

  1. Linsey Schmid
  1. Chloe Rothschild
  1. Ido Kedar
  1. Lars Perner
  1. Erin McKinney
  1. James Durbin

  1. Michael Goodroe
  1. Jonathan Carlander
  1. David Friedland
  1. Marques Carr
  1. Aaron Likens
  1. Jeremiah Swisher

69. Jennifer O’Toole

70. Darrius Frazier

71. Bill Wong

72. Kate Palmer

73. Carly Fulgham

74. John Miller

75. Kris Guin

76. Kate Gladstone

77. David A. George

78. Sondra Williams

79. Catherine Fozard

80. Londyn Giles

81. Asperger Syndrome Awareness: Bryan

82. Ellen Presti

83. Mitchel Timme

84. Ethan Cross

85. Chase Bailey

86. Kit Dwyer

87. Sue Abramowski

88. Erik Weber

89. Marcelle Ciampi

90. Jeffrey Alan Ford

91. Colin Eldred-Cohen

92. John Howard

93. Nathaniel Major

94. Mats Vederhus

95. Jackie Parslow

96. Hayley Gosney

97. Katherin Rider

98. Daniel Toops

99. Anthony Pantaleone

100. Mikey Brannigan

Names of people I’d like to add for 2018 that should be shared with the masses as well include phenomenal advocates including…

101. Kirsten E Lindsmith

102. Kelly Israel

103. Finn Gardiner

104. Lydia Brown

105. Ari Ne’eman

106. Julia Bascom

107. Sam Crane

108. Sara Luterman

109. Sharon da Vanport

Names of people I’d like to add for 2019 that should be shared with the masses as well include phenomenal advocates including…

110. Thomas Iland

111. Jacob Velaquez

112. Morenike Giwa Onaiwu

113. Erin Miller

114. Gyasi Burks-Abbott

115. Khylil Robinson

116. Thomas Hassell

117. Kelly Carpenter

118. Hattie Rose Groskind

119. Jillian Nelson

120. Joel Carver

121. Noelle Budde

122. Mina Cuesta

Three young individuals on the spectrum who are quite talented singers I’ve had the opportunity to highlight on my Facebook page A Special Community I also wanted to feature. They include…

Calum Courtney


and Brooke Andraya

In addition to this list I’ve also had the opportunity via my non-profit KFM Making a Difference to give students with autism scholarships to college based on their efforts to “make a difference” in their local communities. You can learn more about their stories here. I also hope you take a few minutes to learn more about my journey on the autism spectrum by checking out my website here.

Missing someone from this list? In the spirit of including people with autism in our community we’d love for you to share your story in the comments as well and what you are up too. Tell us in the comments to keep the conversation going!

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)