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Over the years I’ve seen a positive connection between people with autism and animals. That’s why I’m so glad to recommend this children’s book from the author SJ Childs who has a 9-year-old child with autism name DJ. The book focuses on a young bear who is on the autism spectrum. Along the way from formal diagnosis to finding success via supports you get to see an inside look on the challenges and accomplishments many face on the autism spectrum.

These were some of the highlights of the book that would make me recommend that you give it a read…

  • The importance of proper support – While I’ve read several children’s books focused on our disability community, I found this book helpful because it discusses a teacher that helped DJ progress. While we talk about themes in these books on making everybody feel like somebody another theme I hope we can see in more books is that ‘it takes a village.’

  • The honesty about challenges – Autism is a spectrum and while some individuals face very minimal challenges others face more serious ones. In a children’s book it can be easy to talk about the strengths but it gives an inauthentic outlook on our autism community. When I was diagnosed with autism I was considered on the severe end of the autism spectrum and faced countless challenges which I discuss in the video above. Today I’ve overcame many of my obstacles and face only a few. I appreciate the author’s ability to discuss both strengths and challenges.

I’d recommend this book without reservations and hope you will give it a look!

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