Dear Nike,

A while back I read a blog on the inspirational website The Mighty about you coming out with a shoe for people with disabilities. As someone who has struggled with motor difficulties due to autism, I was very intrigued to hear about your new offer for our community. As a basketball enthusiast who has been watching basketball since I was 6, it became a no-brainer.

After purchasing the shoes while I was away at a speaker conference, I came back this week to find the shoes waiting for me at my job at Autism Speaks. I instantly opened the box and was incredibly impressed by the look and texture of the shoe. Not only stylish, the shoes having a zipper in the back of the heel made it so easy to slip on. While giving them a test run (Yes…I ran in my office I was that excited) I couldn’t believe the amount of support I was getting from them. I quickly took a photo of them to put on Instagram and to share with my family and friends on how amazing your shoes are.

Growing up because of my motor difficulties I couldn’t tie my shoes by myself until I was 13. Not only that but trying to button my shirts was a daily struggle. Thanks to lots of hours of therapy, I’ve been able to overcome many of my motor challenges. Now though, when I think about the amount of people you will be impacting, individuals with similar difficulties like myself while they are growing up, all I can say is thank you for taking the time to make these shoes a reality.

For the 1 in 5 people with disabilities currently in the U.S. I’m sure I’m not alone in my gratitude for your efforts. We need more brands to follow by your example to make the world a more inclusive place for all.


A very happy customer


For those reading this letter you can find Nike’s latest shoe for people with disabilities via their website here.

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