I don’t know if you will ever read this however I wanted to say thank you for speaking up about pushing for more people with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

When I read your interview in the Irish Examiner about hiring more people with disabilities in popular media, what stuck with me was when you said “If we can make this happen, we will in turn help change attitudes toward disability across the world.”

I was diagnosed with autism at 4 and, because the entertainment industry took a chance on me, I’ve been able to consult on several films to bring a realistic portrayal of autism to film. You have inspired me as someone who advocates for not only more films focused on disabilities but also hiring people with disabilities to fill those roles.

I was a fan of yours for your role as Walt White Jr. on Breaking Bad (one of my favorite television shows of all time) but you’ve become a role model to me for your advocacy. We need more people like you to help the world become a more inclusive place for all. If I can ever be of help you will always have me in your corner to help spread your message to the masses.

Like you said, although your disability helped you get the part of Walter White Jr., it you’re your acting ability that landed you the role. I have several mentees on the spectrum right now who I hope will one day pursue a career in acting. Let’s give these capable actors such as yourself a chance to shine in this industry and have their voices heard.

Your friend,


For those reading this, you can learn more about what RJ Mitte did to help the cause below.