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To all our media outlets,

In a few days it will be April. April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

My name is Kerry Magro and I’d like to join with you to help shine a light on the 1 in 68 individuals who currently are diagnosed with autism today in the United States.

I’d love to share my story with your audience about overcoming obstacles with autism. I was nonverbal until I was 2.5. Today as a 28-year-old adult I have six jobs as a producer of social media and digital content, national speaker, best-selling author, autism film consultant, host of my own cable TV talk show and a non-profit founder whose given scholarships to 26 students with autism for college.

Today I’ve shared my story with countless news outlets and would love to do the same with your groups! With over 70 million individuals having autism worldwide I know I can help bring a unique perspective to your audience! As a speaker I’ve talked at over 615 events in the past 6 years on topics including…

• The importance of Light It Up Blue, a global autism awareness initiative that happens on April 2nd
• Autism & relationships
• The transition to adulthood with autism
• Finding employment on the autism spectrum
• Supports to help your children on the spectrum
• Succeeding in school with a learning disability
• Helping students with autism pursue a post-secondary education
• How autism is portrayed in the media
• I used to be bullied for having autism: here’s when it stopped
• And much more!

For those reading this I hope we can collaborate to help our community and get the word out. In addition to autism being the fastest growing developmental disability, here are some statistics you need to know about autism. *These numbers were found on www.autismspeaks.org.*

81% of adults still live at home,
90% of adults are unemployed or underemployed,
Only 33% of students with autism go to college
About 49% of individuals with autism wander from a safe environment and go missing as a result
The average cost of autism across the lifespan is $60,000 a year
Boys are diagnosed 5 times more often than girls

Help us share about these numbers and more by contacting me here about ways we can collaborate for the month of April. If anyone knows of any media outlets that I can reach out to about collaborating with please email me here. Thank you!


Kerry Magro

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)