In 2011 when I received my undergraduate degree in Sports Management from Seton Hall University I wasn’t sure what the future had in store for me. Than an opportunity opened up when I won the Earl Nightingale Scholarship from The National Speakers Association. Not only did the scholarship provide me with aid for college to get a Masters at Seton Hall in Strategic Communication and Leadership but it also provided me a student membership within the organization to pursue a career in public speaking on a national level!

Almost 5 years have passed now since I received that scholarship and I’m very thankful for what they did to help me hone my craft to promote disability awareness across the country! Late last year I finally received my accreditation as a professional public speaker through their organization that was highlighted in

In addition to the scholarship they also gratuitously featured me in a Q&A for their NSA Magazine 2011 December Issue. You can read the entire article here and my Q&A below…

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You can learn more about my speaking background here