Jane Wants a Boyfriend is a new upcoming film circled around Jane – a bright eyed young woman in her mid 20’s living with autism – and her overprotective, and recently engaged older sister, Bianca (played by Eliza Dushku). I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in this film as an autism consultant to help bring a realistic portrayal to the character of Jane played in the film by Louisa Krause.

In the interview above I share about my own personal experiences looking for love on the autism spectrum along with how I met with William Sullivan who’s the Director of the film that made this all possible. I was in my first relationship when I was 18 and several years later I released a book called Autism and Falling in Love to help those with autism in their pursuit of finding a relationship.

I also share about Louisa Krause performance which is going to open up many conversations about those with autism being capable of finding relationships in our community. Krause shows that she truly cares about the character of Jane and doing the role justice.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend will be playing in select theaters and available on all online digital platforms (iTunes, etc.) starting on March 25. You can learn more about how you can see the film via their website here and on social media here.

You can learn more about my experience with autism & film and how we may be able to collaborate on your next project here.