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Man With Autism First-Ever To Play Division I College Basketball

Doctors told Anthony's parents when he was 5 that his autism was so severe he'd one day have to live in a group home. Anthony Ianni and his parents never wanted that to be his life though. Anthony was one [...]

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Barbie Will Add 2 New Dolls That Have Disabilities

A true win for inclusion. While writing my dissertation this morning I had Good Morning America on in the background and heard about this new initiative. I found out they will be available in the Fall of 2019. One of [...]

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I Hope To Help Others With Disabilities Like Me

This guest post is by Mason Carter, a young man on the autism spectrum who has been accepted and will be attending Miami University, Oxford where he will be majoring in Engineering. Mason is applying for the Spring 2019 Making a Difference [...]

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Boy With Autism Inspires Singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’

Have you heard of the name Calum Courtney? If not, you certainly will in the future. Calum who was diagnosed with autism at 9 has found a passion of music. When we were sent a video to our A Special [...]

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Teen Becomes First-Ever NASCAR Driver With Autism

People were unsure he'd even be able to ride a bike let alone get a driver's license. Armani Williams is someone who's passions have turned into a career today. Something I share when I give talks as a professional speaker [...]

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Doctors Told Me That I Had Severe Autism; Now I’m An Award-Winning Public Speaker

A parent recently reached out to me on my Facebook Page A Special Community and asked me a question that I haven't been asked in a very long time. She asked, "Where were you considered on the autism spectrum when [...]

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The Good Doctor Renewed For Season 3

What fantastic news! We need more shows to put a spotlight on autism. Every place I go to speak as a professional speaker I tend to receive a question or two about my thoughts on shows such as The Good [...]

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Man With Autism First-Ever To Sign With A Major League Baseball Team

After learning about the story of the first man with autism to ever receive a Division I basketball scholarship a friend of mine told me about the first man with autism to ever receive a Major League Baseball contract in [...]

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Please Don’t Be Sorry That I’m On The Autism Spectrum

I recently read a blog that hit home for me from Gretchen Fishman where she discusses a moment she at the dentist where the hygienist told Gretchen, “I’m so sorry” in response to telling her that her son is on [...]

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Super Bowl Commercial Will Star Kids With Disabilities

Follow my journey on Facebook, my Facebook Fan Page, & Instagram! What a huge win for inclusion! I recently just learned that Microsoft will have several children with disabilities featured in their commercial during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl LIII this year [...]

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