Kevin Hart’s Response When I Told Him I Was On The Autism Spectrum

A common problem I’m faced with, as a mentor to students with special needs is that a majority of them are a victim of bullying. To help with that I’ve often told them about celebrities who have overcome bullying in their childhoods. People such as Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lawrence for that reason have become [...]

Why I Wish More People Would Understand That Autism Is A Spectrum

One of the hardest things to deal with as an individual with autism for me is often how some people can't believe you’re on the spectrum. Before I continue…. I’ll admit it; I today have an invisible disability. It wasn’t always like that growing up but today it is. When I speak to others I [...]

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A Letter To Disney On Helping Promote Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Dear Disney, Growing up on the autism spectrum one of the most magical places in the world for me to visit was Disney. It didn’t matter if it was Disney World, Disney Land or simply by popping in a VHS tape to watch one of the many Disney movies you had made available. Now as [...]

Inspiring Young Man With Autism Volunteers To Help Others With Special Needs

This guest Q&A is with Klervo an 18-year-old man and a student at ECLC in Chatham, NJ. Klervo is on the autism spectrum and is making a huge difference in our community. Hi Klervo! What made you want to get involved with helping assist autistic and handicapped students? Mr. Magro, I like helping others and [...]

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This Amazing Dad Helped Start An Organization To Provide Support For Our Autism Community

This guest Q&A is with The Kids & Dreams Foundation founder Aaron Bly. Aaron is the proud father of five incredible children including his middle son, Trae, who has autism. The foundation was created to help provide support to children & their parents that are experiencing autism & bullying. The goal is to provide resources & [...]

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