Special Education Teacher Invites Entire Class To Join Her Wedding Party

This story will melt your heart. Kinsey French is a special education teacher at Christian Academy’s Rock Creek campus in Louisville, Kentucky who provides speech and occupational therapy to countless students with Down syndrome and other special needs. Her story went viral when her students got to take part in her proposal at the school [...]

NBC Nightly News Highlights Ford For Hiring People With Autism

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt recently highlighted the story of how Ford Motor Company started a program to hire people with autism thanks to a joint effort with the Autism Alliance of Michigan. This program that started hiring just 4 people with autism hopes to expand in the future as they see the benefits of [...]

I Used To Be Nonverbal; Now I’m Getting My Doctorate To Become A Teacher

Imagine not being able to tell the people that you care about the most about your basic needs growing up. This used to be my story… When I was diagnosed with autism at 4 I was just starting Pre-K. It was one of the most difficult transitions of my life. Ever since my diagnosis, I [...]

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Why I’m Advocating For Sensory-Friendly Restrooms For Our Community To Enjoy

This guest post is by Christina Abernethy, a wife and a mom of three. Christina’s daughter is 14 and her twin boys that are 5. One of her son’s is on the autism spectrum. Christina us active in the autism community and serves on Autism Speaks Walk and grant committees. This piece originally appeared here. [...]

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This Organization Is Making A Significant Impact On Autism & Wandering Prevention

This guest Q&A is with Wendy Fournier who is the founding board member and president of the National Autism Association. Her youngest daughter Aly, was diagnosed with autism in 2002. Hi Wendy! Can you tell us a little bit about how the National Autism Association first came about? Hi Kerry! NAA was founded in 2003 [...]