Despite Abuse And Bullying Growing Up With Autism I’m Now Going To College!

This guest post is by Alexia Wilson, a young woman on the autism spectrum who was diagnosed with autism at 18-months-old and now has been accepted into University of Southern Indiana. Alexia is applying for the Spring 2020 [...]

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I’m An Adult On The Autism Spectrum And Want To Change The World

This guest post is by Andrew Arboe, a young man on the autism spectrum who was diagnosed with autism 8 and now has been accepted into Charter Oak State College for Psychology. Andrew is applying for the Spring [...]

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Vicious Attack On Student With Autism And Epilepsy Caught On Camera

A video of a 17-year-old with autism and epilepsy from Middleburg Heights, Ohio being beaten is now making the rounds in the news. The victim, Nick Hoffman who was attacked by a fellow student was [...]

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6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Slapped In Face By Teacher

A special education teacher with over 18 years of experience is now no longer at Magnolia Woods Elementary in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System after slapping a 6-year-old boy with autism in the [...]

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When Someone With Autism Masks Their Behaviors And Experiences Burnout

So many people I know with autism mask their behaviors in the hopes of fitting in and because of that often do damage to themselves as a result. I was reminded about this recently sitting [...]

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Nonverbal Child With Autism Left Alone On School Bus For 6 Hours

“She was on the bus for almost the entire school day and no one noticed until the afternoon.” This was an incident that happened to a 7-year-old nonverbal girl with autism at Beulaville Elementary School [...]

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