When People Say ‘I Love Someone With Autism To The Moon And Back’

Have you ever used this quote before? What a beautiful saying. A few years ago I first saw the quote ‘I Love Someone With Autism To The Moon And Back’ for the first-time. The reason why this quote has resonated with me is by getting to meet countless families members and educators who love someone [...]

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When People Think You Can ‘Spank The Autism’ Out Of A Child

Sorry to disappoint you but you can’t ‘spank the autism’ out of a child anymore than I can slap the ignorance out of you. Whenever I go on social media nowadays I am still shocked about the ignorance that I see. One of these moments is when I see someone post about the need to [...]

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Why You Should Wear Blue on April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day

For more than a decade now April 2nd has had a very special meaning to me. The United Nations in 2007 proclaim April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day but it also became a day to start a national conversation about autism. Later, when Light It Up Blue began it also gave us the opportunity [...]

60 Minutes Features A Muppet With Autism Who Made Her Debut On Sesame Street

Did you watch this segment? On CBS 60 Minutes on March 19, 2017, they featured Julia, a Muppet with autism on her debut episode on Sesame Street. Christine Ferraro, a writer at Sesame Street for 25 years told 60 Minutes, It’s tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single [...]

Ice Cube Talks About His Personal Connection To Autism

Ice Cube may be best known for his rap career along with his ever growing filmography in movies such as 21 Jump Street and Boyz in the Hood however what many don't know is that Ice Cube is actually an autism advocate within the community. Ice Cube recently partnered with Represent to promote a t-shirt where [...]

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