This Wonderful Mom Is Helping Us Understand The Entire Spectrum Of Autism

This guest Q&A is with Kate Swenson who is the mother to two amazing little boys. Her son Cooper is on the severe end of the spectrum. She shares a glimpse into her secret world through videos at Finding Cooper’s Voice. Hi Kate! How did the idea of filming your story first come about? I started [...]

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Seven-Year-Old Boy Writes Children’s Book On Being An Autism Sibling

This guest Q&A is with Brennan Farmer a seven-year-old boy whose brother, Evan, is on the autism spectrum. They are best friends. Brennan and his mother, Mandy, just published their first book, “What About Me?” The book goes through Brennan’s emotion and experiences as an autism sibling. You can purchase Brennan and Mandy's book here, [...]

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Els For Autism Foundation Gives Back To Our Autism Community In More Ways Than One

This guest Q&A is with Dr. Marlene Sotelo who is the Director of Programs and Operations for the Els for Autism Foundation. She has been working with people with autism and other developmental disabilities for over 20 years as a music therapist, special education teacher, and behavior analyst. Marlene is also a professional singer and [...]

This Amazing Dad Is Inspiring Our Autism Community Through His Advocacy

This guest Q&A is with Anthony Ardolino, the proud father of Anthony Luca, a handsome 9-year-old on the autism spectrum. Despite being nonverbal, Anthony continues to communicate by using his iPad as a speaking device. Anthony said that one of his favorite sayings is, ‘I thought I was going to have to teach my son about [...]

Julia, A Muppet With Autism’s First Episode On Sesame Street Is Now Available To Watch

On April 10, 2017, the world was introduced to Julia, a muppet with autism, for the first time on Sesame Street. You can watch her first appearance on the show below. One quote that stood out to me is at the end when Big Bird says, "We all have those special things that make us who [...]