Did you know Bruce Springsteen has helped support our autism community in the past? This event he attended in particular was one of my favorites from him. In 2009 while working as an intern at Autism Speaks I got to experience Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Seinfeld teaming up for the 5th Concert for Autism Speaks at Carnegie Hall. The proceeds of this concert went to support Autism Speaks mission to raise funds to help in the lives of all of those with autism.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the event as I participated in a 5-year-anniversary video for Autism Speaks where I shared my story of growing up with autism. Before the concert started they showed the video to the entire audience that received thunderous applause.

To this day what Springsteen did along with Seinfield that night was truly one of the more remarkable nights I’ve had as an autism advocate. Wish we had more celebrities donating their time towards the cause!

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