Despite Abuse And Bullying Growing Up With Autism I’m Now Going To College!

This guest post is by Alexia Wilson, a young woman on the autism spectrum who was diagnosed with autism at 18-months-old and now has been accepted into University of Southern Indiana. Alexia is applying for the Spring 2020 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via [...]

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I’m An Adult On The Autism Spectrum And Want To Change The World

This guest post is by Andrew Arboe, a young man on the autism spectrum who was diagnosed with autism 8 and now has been accepted into Charter Oak State College for Psychology. Andrew is applying for the Spring 2020 Making a Difference Autism [...]

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Vicious Attack On Student With Autism And Epilepsy Caught On Camera

A video of a 17-year-old with autism and epilepsy from Middleburg Heights, Ohio being beaten is now making the rounds in the news. The victim, Nick Hoffman who was attacked by a fellow student was left with a concussion. The [...]

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6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Slapped In Face By Teacher

A special education teacher with over 18 years of experience is now no longer at Magnolia Woods Elementary in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System after slapping a 6-year-old boy with autism in the face who was having a [...]

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When Someone With Autism Masks Their Behaviors And Experiences Burnout

So many people I know with autism mask their behaviors in the hopes of fitting in and because of that often do damage to themselves as a result. I was reminded about this recently sitting down with Noah, a 10-year-old [...]

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Nonverbal Child With Autism Left Alone On School Bus For 6 Hours

“She was on the bus for almost the entire school day and no one noticed until the afternoon.” This was an incident that happened to a 7-year-old nonverbal girl with autism at Beulaville Elementary School in Duplin County, North Carolina. [...]

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I Wish People Would Stop Asking How I ‘Cured’ My Autism

"Just because I have high-functioning autism doesn't mean I still don't deal with challenges." Every once in a while, someone hears my story of being nonverbal till 2.5 and how, early on, I was considered by experts to be on [...]

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Man With Autism Starts A Business After No One Else Would Hire Him

"After I turned 21 I applied to multiple places. None of them would hire me," ABC6 - Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather Michael Coyne, a young man with autism told this to ABC 6. His mom suggested [...]

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Boy With Autism Now Missing In Remote Wilderness For 10 Days Amid Freezing Cold Weather

Joseph 'Joey' Patterson who is 16 wandered away from his parents' Wyoming home on November 10, 2019 and has not been seen since. Authorities from the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office are still on the search for him. Authorities do not [...]

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Video Shows Teacher Being Belligerent Towards Nonverbal Student With Autism

“Cellphone video recorded a teacher inside the school getting upset and pushing his head back.” A special education teacher at Dania Elementary School in Florida did this to Max a 7-year-old on the autism spectrum. Max’s dad told WSVN, “To [...]

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