To The Colorado Teacher Who Called Special Needs Children The R-Word

A Colorado Kindergarten teacher is facing dismissal after allegedly saying "I’m so tired of hearing about special needs children…They were re****** before COVID and they’ll still be re****** after…Do you really think they will be any different after staying a [...]

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Family asked to leave Disney Store after autistic child couldn’t keep mask on

I just learned that a 6-year-old girl name Ruby who is on the autism spectrum was asked to leave (along with her family) a Disney Store in London, Ontario for improperly wearing her mask inside the store. In their area [...]

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Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Features New Autistic Character

Season 2 was just released on Netflix. Harlan Cooper is played by Justin Paul Kelly is a recurring character on Season 2 of the show. He is described as a shy autistic kid. As a professional speaker who’s on the [...]

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New Netflix Film Features Autistic Teen Who Is A Rubik’s Cube World Champion

Will you be tuning in? Representation is important and I applaud Netflix for continuing to put the spotlight on our autism community. In a new short-documentary film called The Speed Cubers we get in an insight look into the competitive [...]

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“The Kids That Are Going Further In Life Aren’t The Special Ed Kids”

"The kids that are going further in life aren't the special ed kids." A parent is receiving backlash after starting a heated Facebook debate that her non-disabled child should receive more in-person schooling than a special education student for the [...]

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Octavia Spencer Asks Hollywood To Increase Casting Of People With Disabilities

Such an important topic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYcKlnIc63M&feature=emb_title If you've followed my journey from nonverbal autism to professional speaker on my social media channels you've probably heard me talk about the fact that less than 1% of disabled actors actually receive the opportunity [...]

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Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Gives Me Hope Of Finding Love One Day

Will you be tuning in? The docuseries “Love on the Spectrum” which originally aired in Australia in 2019 and just premiered on Netflix, looks at seven singles and two couples, all who are on the autism spectrum navigating the dating [...]

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People With Autism Find Jobs At The Chocolate Spectrum

What an awesome name for a company! The Chocolate Spectrum are an artisan chocolate company who hire people on the autism spectrum based out of Jupiter, Florida. It was started by a mom who has a son on the autism [...]

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My Review Of Netflix’s ‘Love On The Spectrum’ As An Adult With Autism

The docuseries “Love on the Spectrum,” which originally aired in Australia in 2019 and just premiered on Netflix this week, looks at seven singles and two couples, all who are on the autism spectrum navigating the dating world. This isn’t [...]

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Wearing A Mask Is A Sensory Nightmare

Please don't 'mask shame' someone especially if they are practicing physical distancing. You may not know the challenges they are going through. In my recent workshop I gave on sensory challenges I discuss how, along with social and communication challenges, [...]

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