Why I’m Thankful For ‘The Good Doctor’ As A Person On The Autism Spectrum

I can only hope that the impact this show has had will continue the conversation of featuring autism in more TV and film projects. The Good Doctor for all intense and purposes has hit the entertainment industry by storm. Reaching [...]

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5 People With Autism Who’d Shine At A ‘Night of Too Many Stars’

Every year, a special event happens in our community called A Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs where celebrities in recent years such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Olivia Munn, Adam Sandler and others from our [...]

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Autism Speaker

Kerry Magro used to be nonverbal and considered on the serve end of the autism spectrum. Today as an adult he has been public speaking for over seven years and counting. He first started speaking as a Keynote Speaker when [...]

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‘Ghosting’ And Its Effect On People On The Autism Spectrum

“Getting the hint” may be difficult for anyone to understand let alone someone on the autism spectrum. Ghosting is something I had to learn the hard way. Ghosting is when someone you’ve been dating (whether in a relationship or after [...]

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Being Broken Up With Via Text Message As Someone On The Autism Spectrum

In a digital age it seems like more and more individuals in relationships are being broken up with via text message. There are countless websites that talk about when it’s ok to break up with someone via text message, often [...]

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My Thoughts On ‘The Good Doctor’ Hiring An Actor With Autism

I was ecstatic when I heard that Coby Bird, a 15-year-old actor on the autism spectrum would be a guest star on “The Good Doctor” as a character who also has autism. As an autism consultant, I’ve written several articles about the [...]

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The Day I Learned How To Tie My Shoes As Someone On The Autism Spectrum

It may not be a big deal for some but it was a huge milestone for me. Often while giving talks about autism during the Q&A period someone asks me how autism still impacts me today. While I used to [...]

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This Amazing Educator Is Helping Make The Intrepid Museum More Autism-Friendly

This guest Q&A is with Sara Lowenburg, an educator for access programs at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. She oversees programs for children and adults with autism, children and adults with developmental disabilities, individuals [...]

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Being Different Doesn’t Mean I’m Broken And Need Fixing

This guest post is by Jared Hites a young man on the autism spectrum. Jared attends Itasca Community College. Jared is applying for our Fall 2017 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference. You can read more about [...]

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What Netflix’s Atypical Gets Right In Season 1; What We’d Love To See In Season 2

A new Netflix series, Atypical, was recently announced. It looks at Sam Gardener, a high-functioning teen with autism. It depicts his navigation through high school, from trying to find a relationship and other aspects of his journey. The series has [...]

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