We are asking for our friends of KFM Making A Difference in the Community, a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, to support our scholarship fund (86 scholarships in 8 years) & self-advocate video series where we highlight people impacted by a diagnosis to celebrate neurodiversity. Two ways you can do this is by creating either a Facebook fundraiser to support KFM and inviting your friends to support the cause or starting a GoFundMe and inviting your friends as well! It takes all of 2 and a half minutes to get started as you can see in the instructional videos below!


  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to www.facebook.com/fundraisers and click ‘Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization.’
  • Type in Kerry’s Autism Journey in the search box
  • Put down your donation goal (most people put down $500 or $1000 but there’s no max fundraiser limit)
  • Put down when the fundraiser should end (a month from the day you publish the fundraiser is usually best)
  • Right click the image below and click ‘save image as’ to download it to your computer and then when the fundraiser asks you to post a cover photo upload this image

Once you’re done, hit the ‘invite friends button’ and invite your friends to the fundraiser! Once you create the fundraiser please send us a link to your fundraiser so we can help support your effort!

If you are not on Facebook check out this instructional GoFundMe video below which anyone can use regardless if you are on Facebook!

You can still spread the word by sharing how people can donate via the link here: http://www.kfmmakingadifference.org/donate/

Email me at KFMMakingADifference@gmail.com once you created the fundraiser so we can give you a shoutout.

Thanks everyone so much! Without your support we wouldn’t be able to keep this nonprofit going.

Best, Kerry

President, KFM Making A Difference/Kerry’s Autism Journey