Demo Lovato who is a mental health advocate spoke at the Democratic National Convention and she did not disappoint. Her message that stuck out to me was when she said….

“This is not about politics. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

What a wonderful thing to say I thought to myself. This is the message we need for everyone in our country who needs supports whether it be mental illiness, disease, disability, etc. Lovato would go onto discuss how she had the resources needed to help with her own mental illness but that many Americans don’t have that today.

Although I’m not living with a mental illness, I struggled due to autism as a child but because of my parents paying out of pocket I was able to get the early intervention and supports needed to strive. Now as an adult I speak as an autism advocate to our legislators on the need for autism and other disability legislation.

I’ve written before about Lovato speaking up for the cause and I believe as we move forward we need more celebrities and advocates out there to be using their platforms to discuss these serious topics to help our loved ones. I applaud her for what she did and continues to do to be a champion for mental illness.

As she concluded, “every small action counts” and we can never forget that.