A true story of compassion!

I recently saw a Facebook post from Lauren Bergner, an autism mom locally here in New Jersey of her experience with Brody, her nonverbal boy with autism when they were visiting Disney World. Brody was having a meltdown while in line to see Snow White. When he finally got to the front of the line Snow White did something which I constantly advocate for as a public speaker in ‘meeting kids where they are in their own development.’

Lauren wrote in the now viral Facebook post, “She went above and beyond. She took so much time with him. She was a pure angel! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!”

Public outings can be difficult for some with autism in our communities. Growing up with autism, I was very prone to overload and meltdowns due to my sensory challenges. I’m so appreciative of people like the Snow White here who ‘get it.’ For families who read this I’d highly recommend sensory toys along with social stories and visuals schedules. Preparation is always key while trying to figure out what may trigger certain meltdowns. Diversity & inclusion is also something we need to continue to advocate that all organizations invest time in. If anyone is interested in learning more or looking to hold a workshop discussing these topics you can contact me here anytime for more details.

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