Chris Nashawaty from Entertainment Weekly recently reviewed the film Finding Dory (starring Ellen DeGeneres) that will hit theaters on June 17, 2016. This film, which is the sequel to the Disney Pixar hit from 2003 in Finding Nemo will focus on the character of Dory this time around.

Nashawaty wrote on Entertainment Weekly, “If you squint hard enough, the film’s message to these parents is, You’re not alone. It takes an underwater village to raise a child (or a fish). Dory’s failing memory may be a handicap, but it’s also the key to her resilience. Is that an earth-shattering revelation? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it’s hard to argue with.” You can read the entire review here.

I wrote a blog a few months ago titled Why Our Special Needs Community Loves ‘Finding Nemo’ where I breakdown how 3 characters in that film could have been potentially characterized with a disability in Nemo (physical disability with his lucky fin), Dory (short-term memory loss) and Jacques (obsessive compulsive disorder).

What are your thoughts on this film? Will you be taking your kids to see it? Tell us about what you think about a potential connection in the special needs community below!

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