Ford Motor Company is doing something AMAZING to include those with autism as part of their workforce! In a partnership with the Autism Alliance of Michigan, a new program called FordInclusiveWorks will look to hire people with autism in roles in Ford’s product development division. This program will last for no longer than 90 days and plans on launching on June 1, 2016.

Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, product development and chief technical officer said in a statement about the program, “Autism affects many people in our communities, and I’m proud we’re taking on this important initiative.”

You can learn more about the initiative and how one of your loved ones can apply at

There are countless companies today that are realizing the benefits of hiring people with autism in their workplace. I travel the country speaking about these positive benefits to educate our employers on our autism community based on my experiences finding employment on the autism spectrum.

In the past few years for example I’ve spoke with JP Morgan Chase, American Express and Wyndham Destination Network through a presentation titled “Autism in the Workplace.” Want to collaborate on an event to spread awareness? Contact us anytime here for more details!

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