In school I was always into marketing. When I received my first full time job I became the Social Media Coordinator for the leading science and advocacy in the world in Autism Speaks. For the past few years I believe one of the best parts of my job have been through the stories I’ve been able to hear in our community. One story in particular that has been remarkable to track is through 9-year-old Jacob Velaquez (aka Little Beethoven) who’s on the autism spectrum.

A few months ago Jacob posted a piano medley of Taylor Swift songs from her recent album “1989.” Once the video went out we received a heartfelt blog from Jacob’s mom Tina about her son wanting to meet Taylor more than anything. We posted the blog, along with the video on our twitter page tagging both Taylor and Jacob and the result was truly special to us.

Within hours Taylor had not only replied to the tweet but had offered to meet Jacob at one of her upcoming concerts!

These are stories that make going to work something that is truly special. I can’t say enough how blown away I am by Jacob’s talent, Taylor’s generosity, and our community. When Tina followed up with a blog about Jacob finally meeting Taylor she credited me for helping it happen.

I hope we can make more stories like this happen in our community…

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