I get this question all the time of how you can give a memorable TED Talk. The advantages of giving a TED Talk (or for that matter a local TEDxTalk) are plentiful. First, it gives you a platform to have your message you want to share for the world to hear. Second, it helps you become a better speaker! The preparation helps you from everything from coming up with an engaging title, thought-provoking powerpoint slides, along with sticking to a 18-minute format! Finally, it gives you amazing credibility. I’ve seen speakers go to the TED stage and after presenting have received full-time job offers, marketing opportunities and long lasting confidence when it comes to public speaking.

As someone who has given two TEDxTalks I can also tell you that it helps with referrals for those who want to speak in the future. I would say around 10-15% of speaker inquiries I receive annually are from companies who watched my TEDxTalks on YouTube.

Now this is just scratching the surface. Want to know how to find a TED Talk in your area and how to make it memorable? I consult with those who want to take the plunge to the TED stage, how to get their proposals accepted to speak and making a lasting impression with their audiences. Contact me here and let’s see how we can collaborate.

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)

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