This guest post is by Kameron Evans, a young man on the autism spectrum who has been accepted into and will be attending Colorado Christian University! Kameron is applying for the Spring 2020 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference started by me, Kerry Magro. I was nonverbal till 2.5 and diagnosed with autism at 4 and you can read more about my organization and how to apply for my scholarship here. I’m trying to make this nonprofit self-sufficient so I can make this my full-time job supporting the special needs community and could use your help. Learn more on how you can help our cause here.

Imagine an imagination. See into a world created by one’s mind. In it, you may be able to feel or not; to see or not; to hear or not; a world that is seen in a figment. Now, what if that world was to describe a person? What if that world one dreamed of came to life? What if, you believed you could do anything. That was what I believed. Despite some obstacles with autism holding me back and my asthma holding my physical power back, I believed that I could surpass those issues and become a great man. And that is exactly what I did. I developed my own six characteristics to tell me what was right from wrong and furthered studies in psychology to realize the fact that autism wasn’t a disorder in most cases. I found an immense mental power in me to surpass my imagination and to go beyond the limits I was set with. I believe that I have abilities that will help me succeed in any job and that I have the confidence and persistence to surpass expectations.

My personality had always kept on changing due to the influence of those around me. I have made many friends in my life who had supported me on my journey towards adulthood, and I can’t thank them enough for their assistance. Each one helped me understand more about life and how to go through it. I’ve had people teach me about jobs, personalities, and how to express myself ever since I was just a 6th grader. Each of their own personalities made a mark that would help create the personality I have now. I have prepared myself to succeed in the world and make my mark. Although I do not fully know where my fate will take me in the future, I am sure that I have the ability to be prepared the moment it comes to me. Martial arts has also been a big factor for me as well. By learning “self-control before self-defense” I was able to develop more kindness for others and de-stressing techniques for when I am under tough situations that I with my autism may have trouble going through. Within the classes, I have even made friends who made influences on my personality as well.

My development has allowed me to be successful in the choices I have already made. I believe my friends are a major factor in how I grew up because I barely had anything else to go on. By having autism, I was pretty lost and open to suggestions. That was how I got influence from others to grow up the way I did and learned to be successful. I learned now how to be comfortable in any situation. My optimism allows me to be happy every day and to spread that happiness to others. Therefore, I will have a positive attitude when the toughest times come so that I may then do my best to go through those tough times and be successful.

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