“Just because I have high-functioning autism doesn’t mean I still don’t deal with challenges.”

Every once in a while, someone hears my story of being nonverbal till 2.5 and how, early on, I was considered by experts to be on the severe end of the autism spectrum and they ask me how today as an adult I was able to cure my autism. Another common question I get is ‘Do you consider yourself cured today?”

People I know with high-functioning autism who have an ‘invisible disability’ receive similiar questions.

Autism is a very wide spectrum and some people are going to need lifetime care. Others such as myself might be able to have a full-time job (I today am a professional speaker who speaks around the country to educate on neurodiversity) but that doesn’t mean I’m cured. Autism is a lifelong disorder but has helped me in several ways such as honing in on some of my key interests which have turned into careers. I still today deal with some sensory challenges (mostly around transitions) and tunnel vision at times. There is no medical detection or cure for autism today.

I hope the narrative can be changed for the sake of our community to “What were some of the things that helped you most growing up with autism” or even “Do you still have challenges today?” Those questions we’d appreciate so much more.

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