Ice Cube may be best known for his rap career along with his ever growing filmography in movies such as 21 Jump Street and Boyz in the Hood however what many don’t know is that Ice Cube is actually an autism advocate within the community. Ice Cube recently partnered with Represent to promote a t-shirt where a portion of the proceeds are going back to support Autism Speaks. Ice Cube shares a bit about why the cause is important to him in the video below…

Ice Cube says, “I have an autistic nephew and it’s cool to see programs that are dedicated to his well being.”

Way to go Ice Cube! As a fan of your work I hope we may be able to partner in the future to spread an understanding of autism in our communities. Family members play a huge part in helping those with autism and if I can ever be a resource please don’t hesitate.

Kerry Magro travels the country helping our communities be educated about those with autism and other special needs. If you need a speaker for a future event contact us here for more details!

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