To begin Autism Awareness Month this year I was invited to speak at Sensory Kids and Social Minds LLC in my hometown of Jersey City to discuss my experiences with early intervention and services.

In my speech I focused on New Jersey and the fact that we currently have the highest autism prevalence rate in the country in 1 in 45 individuals being diagnosed and 1 in 28 boys. Most of the members in the audience were parents and occupational therapists so we talked in great length about the early signs of autism and how we can now diagnose autism in our community as early as 18 months.

I concluded by talking about the need for community in our society. With most individuals with autism, they are going to need some types of services and therapy for their entire life meaning that we must show compassion for one another in our pursuits to help our loved ones progress. Thanks to Sensory Kids for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my story!

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