“It takes a village” was the main theme of my talk when I was asked to speak at PS #27 in Jersey City for their Autism Awareness Month assembly. During the assembly several of their students, many of which were wearing our Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece capes discussed the need to spread awareness for autism throughout the year. Karen McGinn who received the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year Award in Jersey City for her work at PS #27 discussed that each year the school fundraises to help support a worthy cause.

I was delighted to hear that this year’s cause was Autism Speaks. As the students shared in their talk, in just 2 weeks, PS #27 was able to raise $2382.03 to help support the cause! I’d like to thank Karen, PS #27 and everyone in the Jersey City Public School system who has took the time to make an impact in our community for Autism Awareness Month!

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I hope this speaking appearance gives me the opportunity to speak more often in the Jersey City school system in the future. As someone who was born and raised in Jersey City it would be an honor now as one of the only accredited public speakers to be on the autism spectrum in the country to get to discuss my journey with the students, paraprofessionals, and parent groups from my home district. With in 1 in 45 children now being diagnosed with autism and 1 in 28 boys, it is now more of a necessity than ever to educate our local community on disability awareness.

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