The U.S. Department of Education says less than half the states were in compliance with federal special education law.

We have to do better. This is a disservice to our students. When I was diagnosed with autism in 1992, special education didn’t feel like a priority. That’s why my mom started the special education division of the board of education in my home town of Jersey City, New Jersey to build on it. Some time back I discussed how, in addition to this, Education Week came out saying only around 1/3 of teachers receive any form of professional development focused on special education.

For parents and educators reading this, I would love if you would contact me here so we can discuss how I may be able to speak as part of professional development for your child’s teachers or as part of virtual student assemblies to help educate your students. I’ve been a professional speaker for the past 9 years and have spoken at K-12 schools here in the U.S. and internationally in addition to postsecondary programs. I’ve discussed topics such as bullying prevention, succeeding in school with a learning disability, overcoming obstacles, being kind to others & much more. I would be open to discussing a collaboration. Here’s my TEDxTalk below so you can learn more about me.

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