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Erik Weber is quite an accomplished young man.

Erik who was diagnosed with autism at 3 graduated from Cal Western School of Law in 2015 and recently just passed the bar exam as well on the first try! Erik now plans to practice special education law to help those with disabilities.

Sometimes I see schools focus on something called ‘the deficit model’ where they focus 99.9% of the time on a child’s weakness and not enough time on helping a child find their talents and strengths. We need to work on the weaknesses but also make sure that we don’t overlook this important area.

As reported from NBC San Diego’s Megan Tevrizan, doctors told his parents when he was 5 that his autism was so severe; he’d have to be institutionalized for the rest of his life. Congratulations to Erik on this impressive achievement and inspiring our community! I have to tell you that I’ve read a few stories now of people on the autism spectrum who are pursuing law degrees.

While reading about his story, I couldn’t help but think about my journey growing up with autism. Many experts told me early on that I was on the severe end of the spectrum and my future looked very uncertain. Today I’m a full time professional speaker and author on the autism spectrum who has spoken at over 800 events in the past 8 years, started an autism scholarship program for students with autism to go to college and has a book coming out on March 26th called I Will Light It Up Blue! I’ve also given 2 TEDxTalks one of which you can watch in the video below…

NBC San Diego were the first to break the story which you can watch more of below.

You can learn more about Erik’s story here.

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