“I wanted first responders to know about people with autism like me so if they interact with someone on the spectrum in the future they know what to do.”

If you’d like me speaker in your local area contact me here.

I had the opportunity to speak with Cops for Autism Related Educational Services (CARES) at the New York Police Academy in Queens, New York. During the talk I shared about my life on the autism spectrum and the importance of first responders being trained on autism.

The talk began with me sharing a letter I wrote called Dear First Responders Who Look Out for Our Children with Special Needs where I thank our first responders who have decided to educate themselves about people with autism.

We later talked about how I went from being nonverbal at 2.5, being diagnosed with autism at 4 and now today at 28 working 6 jobs.

I’d like to thank CARES for having me out to speak and everyone who puts their lives on the line every day to make sure that we are safe. I’d be up to the opportunity to share my story with other first responders in your local area as well! Feel free to have them contact me anytime here for more information.

-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)