Jeffrey Harrison, a 33-year-old adult with autism who is a huge Chicago Bulls fan got the surprise of a lifetime.

Jeffrey, who hasn’t been able to find full-time work has gone to the court in his favorite MJ gear started to receive some attention via KREM when they heard more about Jeffrey’s story reached out to Michael Jordan’s manager to see what they may able to do for him.

Michael Jordan didn’t disappoint. As reported from KREM, Jeffrey got surprised with 2 boxes of signed Jordan gear along with receiving a personal phone call from Air Jordan himself at his home.

In addition Jeffrey received a letter with the boxes from MJ. The message he wrote concluded saying…

“Continue to believe in yourself. Play hard and always remember to enjoy the game. Your friend, Michael Jordan”

Barbara Williams, Jeffrey’s mother said, “It’s all he is talking about. The fact that Michael Jordan took the time to call.”

Way to go MJ for going above and beyond for one of your fans! I have autism myself and grew up watching each of your games. Basketball became a way for me to improve on my development and was one of the ways I made a few of my first friendships as a result. This was a beautiful moment. Thank you for doing that for him.

The one note I’ll make from the actual video above, about Jeffrey not being able to work is that if Jeffrey wants to find work one day that he should not hesitate to reach out to me because I’d love to find a way to help him find employment opportunities in his area.

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