We are in 2019 and some parents are still feeding their kids bleach to ‘cure their autism.’

I recently stumbled upon this video from a FOX 5 affiliate. It discusses that Laurel Austin gave MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution to her two autistic sons. The dad is upset saying that she’s poisoning her children.

The Dad who is trying to stop her from her actions told FOX “She’s giving Joshua and Jeremy bleach to try to cure their autism. It is akin to child abuse in my opinion.”

As a public speaker who is on the autism spectrum, I’ve heard this topic quite often. Even during my days of having severe autism my parents would never have thought for a second to attempt such a dangerous treatment. There have been several deaths from parents feeding their kids bleach already. For anyone out there in our community, please, if you know of any family thinking about this as treatment make sure they know the facts. I recently posted a video on my Facebook page where I discuss this topic in more detail.

I want our society to know that there are no reliable scientific studies connecting bleach as either a treatment or cure for autism.

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