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This guest post is by Althea Mariano, a young woman on the autism spectrum who was accepted into California State University. Althea is applying for the Spring 2021 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference started by me, Kerry Magro. I was nonverbal till 2.5 and diagnosed with autism at 4 and you can read more about my organization here.

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Posted by Kerry Magro on Thursday, January 7, 2021

It all started when I was a kid. Every time I would watch a cartoon movie or TV show of my time, it would inspire me to make creative drawings and stories on plain paper, old docs, and even whiteboards, with a marker, ballpen, and pencil. For example, I drew a girl in a flower field, a dog walking on the grass, a heart with my mom’s face in it, and even a house on a rainy day. I would also make those drawings as gifts for my friends and loved ones as get-well-soon cards, in birthday parties, and even for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I would also color those drawings. Even at pre-school days, I would even draw and color those drawings whenever were in an arts and crafts activity.

As I grew, I started making more drawings on my sketchbook to make them erasable if a make a mistake. I became more fascinated with digital drawing when Mom gave her Samsung phone to me. It had a drawing app, where I made line drawings. I never knew how to color behind the lines at that time, just filling color in the empty spaces. I was even enrolled in a 5th-period art class in Nobel Middle School, where I learned other art techniques such as drawing faces and profiles, anime, sketches, shading, backgrounds, blending, color palettes, new ways of painting, and charcoal art.

The month before I got my iPad Pro on my 15th birthday, I researched how to draw digitally. I finally knew how to color digitally behind the lines and shading the colors by layering. I never thought of making original characters until I researched digital drawings of the characters they drew from their creativity on the internet. I drew original characters (three girls, chibi version) for a New Year’s 2018 poster for my upcoming story, which is still a work in progress. This drawing was also the first time I make loose lines first for the outline. As of January 2018, I even drew lots of concepts for my original characters. I followed the same technique for my drawings too, but I also keep my old drawings from my Samsung in my iPad; my Samsung was given away to my cousin from the Philippines a month after my birthday. I even made simple animations using the Animation Desk. Those animations include a 1930s style character dancing onstage, a couple dancing, and a girl relaxing on her tube while in the pool.

As my drawings were adored by my friends and relatives on Instagram, Mom still felt that I needed to improve my drawings. So in the summer of 2020, I enrolled in two classes in an app called Udemy: how to use another art app called Procreate and its techniques, and drawing characters realistically. I have been doing these things since then, but I also take a break from this to do something else besides drawing. I even made a few animations in Procreate such as a heart beating.

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My name is Kerry Magro, a professional speaker and best-selling author who is also on the autism spectrum that started the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference in 2011 to help students with autism receive scholarship aid to pursue a post-secondary education. Help support me so I can continue to help students with autism go to college by making a tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit here.