Myka Stauffer, a popular Youtube vlogger, just posted an apology about ‘letting down’ her fans a month after announcing the rehoming of her 3-year-old autistic son Huxley. You can read her apology in the Instagram embed at the bottom of this article. Do you think her comments were sincere or do you think this was damage control time after she lost all her sponsors?

I posted a video not too long ago which you can watch above on my autism self-advocate pages discussing how Myka Stauffer, a popular Youtuber ‘Rehomed’ her son Huxley 3 years after originally adopting him. If you’ve followed my journey on the autism spectrum on my website or via my social media pages, I have to say, I could never imagine my parents giving me up when I was a kid.

Just food for thought: Before Huxley’s adoption she had 7,000 followers. After the adoption: 700,000+ (she’s lost 30,000 since announcing rehoming Huxley).


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She has also taken down all of the photos of him off Instagram. 🙁

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