Season 2 was just released on Netflix.

Harlan Cooper is played by Justin Paul Kelly is a recurring character on Season 2 of the show. He is described as a shy autistic kid.

As a professional speaker who’s on the autism spectrum I’ve had opportunities to be an autism entertainment consultant to bring a realistic portrayal of autism to our entertainment industry. I would be open to the opportunity to work with The Umbrella Academy in the future if you’d like to pass this article along to spread the word. What I also found interesting is that several of my mentees consider their autism as a ‘superpower’ and also are fans of action shows.

Spoilers ahead…

I learned about this just as actor Tom Hopper (one of the main characters on the show) just came out about having a child who is on the autism spectrum.

Harlan also has superpowers (telekenesis) which are not revealed until later in season 2

This isn’t the first time Netflix has featured autism recently. Two documentaries, which I highly recommend, have been released called The Speed Cubers and Love on the Spectrum.

Has anyone watched The Umbrella Academy yet? I haven’t had the opportunity yet so I would love to hear your thoughts.

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