Jane Wants a Boyfriend, an Indie Feature starring Eliza Dushku and Louisa Krause which looks at autism & love is out today (March 25, 2016) in select theaters in 10 cities and available to watch on all major VOD networks including iTunes, and On Demand.

This film has a special meaning for me because I was able to consult for the film to help make sure that the lead character of Jane (played by actress Louisa Krause) who is a young woman on the autism spectrum was as realistic as possible.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend looks at a young woman in NYC searching for love despite dealing with the everyday challenges of being on the autism spectrum, and looks to her older sister Bianca, to help her find her very first boyfriend. The film is the third collaboration for director William C. Sullivan and writer Jarret Kerr.

You can also see an exclusive Q&A I did with The Mighty here where I discuss my role as an autism consultant on the film. This is the 2nd film I’ve had the chance to consult on after consulting on the 2011 hit “Joyful Noise” which featured a young teenager with Aspergers. You can look at the rest of the films I have in the works here.

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You can learn more about my experience as an autism consultant to bring a realistic portrayal to autism to TV and film here. 

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