Earlier this year I was able to see a screening of “How to Dance in Ohio,” a 2015 Sundance Film Festival selection, at HBO Studio Productions in New York City. The documentary looks at several teenagers with autism from Columbus, Ohio who for most of them, are getting ready for their first dance. The film discusses a wide range of topics including employment, social skills, relationships and much much more for those on the autism spectrum.

I applaud the efforts of the people behind the film especially Director Alexandra Shiva who spent some time after the screening to talk with us more about the film. This film shines a light on the importance of autism awareness but it also makes sure to center the film on the stories of the teens and their lives. I really appreciated Ms. Shiva for going with this direction and I hope you will tune in for it’s HBO premiere!

How to Dance in Ohio premieres on HBO on Monday, Oct. 26 at 9 PM ET.

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