I wanted to take some time out tonight to thank all the people at NJ.com and staff writer Matthew Speiser for writing a profile about me on their website today and for tomorrow’s Jersey Journal. The article titled “Jersey City best-selling author, speaker takes on disorder and inspires others,” discusses my life from being non-verbal with autism to now today being an accredited professional speaker.

Late last year I found out from The National Speakers Association I was to go from ‘aspiring speaker’ to ‘professional speaker.’ Over the past 4 years I’ve spoken at over 400 events in the hopes of one day getting this accreditation.

As an added bonus, the newspaper also interviewed my mom. One of my favorite excerpts from the piece is below…

“Kerry always says autism isn’t a disability unless you make it one,” said Suzanne Mack, Mother of Kerry Magro. “Kerry was able to channel the strength of his autism to be able to move forward. He went from being non-verbal to an accredited public speaker. He was able to channel his desire to succeed into a life where he can help thousands of parents and kids help themselves.”

When Kerry was diagnosed with autism we thought there was no hope,” added Mack. “Now we can see that Kerry can be there. Now we see that there is hope.”

Thanks again NJ.com! You can read the entire article here.