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Kerry Magro M.A. is a nationally renowned speaker, best-selling author, autism advocate and consultant. in 2014 Kerry was certified as a professional speaker through the National Speaker Association (NSA), an accreditation given in recognition of his many speaking engagements in 2014. Kerry serves as one of the leading voices in NSA on the subject of disability and autism awareness. As one of the only professional speakers on the autism spectrum, Kerry also provides a unique perspective into one of the fastest growing neurological disabilities in the United States.

Kerry said of receiving this honor, “With over 70 million individuals currently diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder worldwide I’m glad I will have the opportunity to share my experiences and what I’m doing today as a self-advocate to help our community.”

In the coming months, Kerry will be speaking throughout the country to help better educate communities on the subject of those with neurological disabilities. In keeping with his NSA accreditation, Kerry’s goal is to speak at over 20 events in 2015. As part of this effort to educate autism communities, we encourage people to reach out to Kerry and tell him how he can assist your groups, organizations and schools in their education/awareness programs. Along with being a speaker, Kerry has a background in marketing which includes fundraising and event planning. Kerry has helped in starting grass-root movements that result in the development of many of these kind of programs.

Kerry, who started speaking nationally in 2011, has spoken at over four hundred events in the United States and Canada in the past four years. Non-verbal until he was two and a half years old and diagnosed with autism at the age of four, Kerry has dealt with many obstacles in his life. Now at the age of twenty six, he hopes to share his experiences and insights to help better the lives of those around him. In 2011, the first year he began speaking nationally, Kerry won Autism Society’s 2011 Outstanding Individual with Autism Award and followed that up in 2012 winning the Margaret L Bauman Award for Outstanding Advocate.

In 2013, Kerry published his first book, “Defining Autism From The Heart”. The book highlights his journey on the autism spectrum through his poems and essays. Within three days of its release it shared the top spot on an Amazon Best-Seller List with Temple Grandin’s book “The Autistic Brain.” Kerry followed this up with his 2014 best-selling book “Autism and Falling in Love.”

Kerry’s consulting efforts have led him to help parents with autistic children and to mentor teens and young adults with autism. His involvement with the autism community has also involved Kerry in the entertainment industry where he has consulted on the 2011 film Joyful Noise and the upcoming 2015 film Jane Wants a Boyfriend.

Kerry continued, “When I was diagnosed with autism in 1992, no one really knew what my future had in store. Now as a young adult my goal is to help inspire and motivate individuals with autism and their families to never give up hope. Our number 1 priority in our community should be to have our loved ones progress the best they can everyday.”

Today Kerry resides in New Jersey and works in Social Marketing for Autism Speaks.

Notes to Editors

For press information and pictures, or to book Kerry for your next event, please contact Kerry at kerrymagro(at)gmail(dot)com or 201-360-7819. You can learn more about Kerry via his website at http://www.kerrymagro.com