What an awesome name for a company!

The Chocolate Spectrum are an artisan chocolate company who hire people on the autism spectrum based out of Jupiter, Florida. It was started by a mom who has a son on the autism spectrum and now I’m happy to say have 4 employees on the autism spectrum and 15 who have developmental disabilities! Such a great way to support these young adults in the autism community while enjoying some treats for the entire family to enjoy!

Support their mission and their employees by checking out their products here

They have autism awareness Oreos, chocolate bars, truffles, pretzels and much more! Check out their collection here (shipping fees are included in the price)!
Employment continues to be a big topic for autistic adults. The majority of autistic adults are unfortunately either unemployed or underemployed (with that number only increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic). As a professional speaker I give talks to companies about the ROI benefits of hiring skilled people with disabilities in the workforce. You can watch my Talks at Google presentation to learn more below or hire me to speak at your company here.

Thanks all! Best, Dr. Kerry Magro EdD – Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Autism Self-Advocate