What an awesome name for a company. I’m collaborating with The Chocolate Spectrum who are a family owned and operated artisan chocolate company. It was started by Valerie for her son, Blake, who is a young man with autism in 2013 in her home kitchen. In 2016, they moved into our shop in Jupiter Florida. They started with one young man and now have 4 employees on the spectrum (Michael included who we did a video interview with for our video series!) and over 15 differently-abled individuals in our training program. Their purpose is to offer delicious chocolate confections while also helping individuals with special needs. They accomplish this in two ways:

By providing individuals with developmental disabilities training and by providing employment opportunities in some circumstances. In addition to training, each participant has the opportunity to engage in meaningful and purposeful experiences with an emphasis on social interaction. They sell their chocolate from their shop and online platforms like this one.