Product Description

I hope you enjoy my new audiobook Autism and Falling in Love! This is my first I’ve ever written about autism, dating & relationships. Would you like the paperback book? Learn more here.

More about the book: Have you ever fallen in love before? In this book, award winning national speaker Kerry Magro discusses his own personal experiences as an adult on the autism spectrum and being in love. A popular image of autism today focuses on children and interventions. As these children grow up on the spectrum and become adults a romantic relationship will become a possibility for some in our community. Kerry’s first hand experience discussing “The One That Got Away” will open the reader to a new line of thinking while breaking down the barriers of ignorance between autism and love. In this book you will also learn more about some of the challenges that face individuals with autism today in finding a partner including topics such as social cues, empathy, communication patterns and much, much more! Those on the autism spectrum will learn more on relationships and how they can go about finding their next partner while neurotypicals will learn some things you may expect while dating someone with autism.

About the author: Dr. Kerry Magro Ed.D is an award-winning professional speaker and bestselling author who is on the autism spectrum. Nonverbal until two and half years old, he now travels the country sharing his story and highlighting people impacted by a diagnosis to share their story with the world. Kerry worked at Autism Speaks from 2013 to 2017 as their Producer of Social Media and Digital Content before fulfilling his dream of self-employment. Kerry s first two books Defining Autism from the Heart and Autism and Falling in Love were on an Amazon bestseller list. Would you like Kerry to speak at your next event? Contact him here for more details!