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I hope you enjoy my new audiobook Defining Autism From The Heart. This is my first book I ever wrote about my journey on the autism spectrum. Would you like the paperback book? Learn more here.

More about the book: What makes this achievement exceptional is that he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 and was largely nonverbal till he was 2 and a half. Today Kerry writes about his experiences on the autism spectrum from the heart to help others overcome obstacles. Kerry wanted to write this book to help show his passion and his heart to others while trying to make people understand that autistic people deserved to be loved. Kerry credits most of his progress to the undeniable love of his two parents Robert and Suzanne Mack-Magro. A great deal of his success would not have been possible without the long hours of work they did to help Kerry get the best therapies and services possible. A main take away from this book that Kerry hopes people will see is that loving yourself for who you are is such a huge key to your development. If you can’t be comfortable in your own skin than you can’t fully commit to your everyday life. Kerry in his book discusses these struggles he used to have and how in many ways he has overcome this because of the love he has received from so many members of our community. Topics from his book include defining your autism, overcoming obstacles, becoming a self advocate, reflecting on what’s important and much much more. This book is meant for all audiences and does not require an in depth knowledge of autism to understand

About the author: Dr. Kerry Magro Ed.D is an award-winning professional speaker and bestselling author who is on the autism spectrum. Nonverbal until two and half years old, he now travels the country sharing his story and highlighting people impacted by a diagnosis to share their story with the world. Kerry worked at Autism Speaks from 2013 to 2017 as their Producer of Social Media and Digital Content before fulfilling his dream of self-employment. Kerry s first two books Defining Autism from the Heart and Autism and Falling in Love were on an Amazon bestseller list. Would you like Kerry to speak at your next event? Contact him here for more details!