On March 11, 2013 I started working full time at Autism Speaks as their Social Media Coordinator. During that time I’ve been able to see amazing progress within the organization. As an disability advocate and public speaker, being able to work with such a great group of people each day has truly been a blessing.

In 2007, I started volunteering for Autism Speaks as part of their Walk Now for Autism Speaks events. Later I would start working with them as an intern, followed by a social media consultant and than after receiving my masters degree from Seton Hall University as a full-time employee.

Growing up with autism, I wasn’t necessarily sure what my future would have in store in terms of employment. Today, I get to work in a position where I get to do something I studied for in school while also being able to help individuals with autism such as myself.

I’d like to thank Autism Speaks for believing in me and everyone I’ve met along the way during my journey. I’m looking forward towards the future and seeing what’s in store for the organization next!