I have a favor to ask…

Would you all consider joining this Facebook group ‘Kindness for Makenna’ and leaving her a positive message?

Makenna is 17 and on the autism spectrum who was attacked by seven teens who have all now been arrested. The video was posted on social media which you can watch below (Warning: Graphic content).

You can hear Makenna say in the video “I’m trying to walk away, but I know you guys are going to hit me if I do.”

No one should have to endure what Makenna had to go through here. Assault, taunting & bullying are never ok. Based on statistics done by the Department of Education, bullying is one of the leading epidemics facing are community as those with special needs are twice as likely to be bullied compared to their nondisabled peers. Those with autism are most likely to be bullied in the disability community. I know this oh too well growing up with autism and being a victim of bullying as well. As some of you know who follow me on Facebook, When I get asked to speak in schools as a professional speaker, I applaud the administrators who bring me in because it shows forward progress to making sure we aren’t sweeping bullying under the rug (i.e when someone says bullying is ‘kids being kids.’)

In addition to the Facebook group there’s also a GoFundMe so if all my followers would consider making a donation if you can so we can do something nice for her that would be great as well.

We live in difficult times and we truly need more acceptance & kindness in this world. Thank you and thinking about you Makenna at this time.


Kerry Magro

The incident took place in Chillicothe, Illinois. You can read more about the story here

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