We want to hear from you! We share stories that educate on disability, disease and overcoming obstacles.

With you in front of the camera tell us about your story (in 180 seconds or more) of overcoming obstacles in your life. In your answer things you may want to include (but not required) are…

  • A letter on what it’s like to have your disability and/or disease.
  • How old you were when you and/or someone you know was first diagnosed and how you felt at the time
  • An obstacle that you and/or they had to overcome growing up
  • Their/your hobbies/interests today
  • Some of their/your goals and dreams for the future both personally and professionally
  • One thing you wish our society knew about individuals with disability, disease and/or overcoming obstacles
  • A final message you’d like to leave to inspire hope for families in our community based on your journey
  • Whatever you want for us to get to know you! The most important thing is to be creative!

You don’t have to mention your name in the video. This is meant more to be a standalone video about you telling us your story. Several if not all of these videos will be shared/edited for our KFM Making a Difference Facebook Fan Page and/or our Founder Kerry Magro’s Facebook Fan Page. Please send your final video in a video file format such as an MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V. WeTransfer.com works great to submit a rather large video. You can use any camera you wish to record (We’d prefer if it was a camcorder however cell phones work well. Just make sure that it’s steady and you are holding it by it’s side instead of up and down). Also try to avoid too much background noise if possible.

Please email your final video submission to KFMMakingADifference@gmail.com. If we decide to promote we will send you a link once the video is live on our social media pages. Here is an example of a video we did for Mother’s Day which received over 900,000 views on Facebook.

Thanks so much all!