Alyssa Sadler, an autism mom from Texas was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after her three-year-old autistic son would not wear a face mask. This goes against the airline’s COVID-19 policy. The mom was quoted saying that the child had sensory challenges. The airline gave the family a full refund.

The majority of airlines require anyone 2-years of age or older must wear a mask. The only airlines I’ve heard of that allow medical exemptions at this time are Delta and Sun Country Airlines but require medical assessments beforehand.

Growing up with autism, one of my greatest challenges was sensory related. I discussed this in one of my recent workshops. In the post below I also discuss some of my challenges members of our autism community have in wearing a mask right now.

Today I’m a professional speaker who hopes we can flatten the curve so I can get back on the road speaking about topics like sensory challenges in person versus virtual talks.

I’m writing this today to encourage all families to follow this link by USA TODAY to see what airlines policies are before flying.

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