What’s your take?

The Kimball family were taken off a Spirit Airlines flight because their four-year-old autistic son Carter wouldn’t wear a mask. His mom Callie indicated he had a medical note from his physician saying he was exempt from wearing a mask due to challenges with harm due to wearing one.

Spirit Airlines came back and said the airlines policy is that the only individuals exempted from wearing a mask are those under the age of 2. Carter, who apparently loves airplanes, was upset with being taken off the plane.

American Airlines later on allowed the Kimball family on one of their flights and granted the medical note as an exemption.

You can read more about the story at CBS Little Rock here.

This story is not the first that I’ve heard of with the mask challenge. Growing up with autism, one of my greatest challenges was sensory-related. I know many of our families are struggling right now. I discussed my sensory challenges in one of my recent workshops that I gave as a professional speaker who often gives talks to groups/schools in addition to as part of virtual workshops like that one to educate on topics around autism, inclusion & neurodiversity. In addition, in the post below I also discuss some of my challenges members of our autism community have in wearing a mask right now.

Here’s an article I found on the airlines policies for mask wearing to educate our families.

Is your child struggling with wearing a mask right now? I’m interested to hear everyone’s opinion on this story. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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