Our scholarship application is available 3 times in the year during the Spring, Summer and Fall. The Spring and Summer scholarships are available to incoming college students who are attending a post-secondary university in the Fall Semester. You should follow our Facebook fan page here www.facebook.com/kfmmakingadifference for updates on when our next scholarships will be available. You can find our current scholarship application via the link below…


-Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.- (2)

In the meantime please help us by contacting us here and giving us a referral about potentially speaking to a group in your areas next event! Kerry Magro has traveled the country giving talks based on our personal experiences growing up on the autism spectrum where we have spoken to schools, paraprofessionals, parent groups, businesses and much more! We’ve spoken on topics ranging from bullying prevention, inclusion, disabilities in the workplace, the transition to adulthood for those with autism, etc. You can learn more about our background at kerrymagro.com/speaking.

In addition. We’d love if you would consider hosting a Facebook Fundraiser to support our scholarship fund. Here’s a link for more details on how to get started: http://kerrymagro.com/create-a-facebook-fundraiser-to-support-our-autism-scholarship-fund/