With Star Wars receiving national attention as of late I recently stumbled upon this heartfelt story from Colin, a 7-year-old boy with autism who wants to be a Jedi Knight. He got upset though when he realized that Jedi’s are not allowed to get married. Colin at that moment decided to write a letter to Star Wars creator George Lucas asking if he would be able to change the rules for him.

Peggy Gilpatric/Facebook

Peggy Gilpatric/Facebook

Colin’s mother later posted the letter on Youtube that went viral! Lucas than surprised the boy by sending him a heartfelt letter along with a package of memorabilia from the original Star Wars films! The letter read…

Peggy Gilpatric

Peggy Gilpatric/Facebook

Way to go George Lucas! We need more acts of kindness out there in our community! You can learn more about this story from CBS News below…

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